A bolt of lightning and a sultry songstress, NAIMA boldly goes where many artists only dream, always taking risks and pushing her artistry to the highest levels of beauty, vision and love!

World famous super model and former America's Next Top Model winner, NAIMA, gracefully turns to EDM music inspired to have fun with and find joy with her fans and people the world over! Debut album "Dancing In Starlight" highlights her ethereal and commanding voice and does just that!




Born and raised in Detroit, NAIMA was thrust into celebrity after winning cycle 4 of the international hit tv series, America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. Transformed overnight into a household name, her face became synonymous with the world of fashion and pop-culture! Since then, she gracefully evolved into a multi-faceted artist, as her career expanded from being a famous model (CoverGirl, La Pierre, Samsung, Bandolier) to an actress, and  in most recently, a successful musical artist.


As a vocalist, NAIMA has been described as a “powerhouse performer” with “an ethereal voice and mesmerizing stage presence”.


Her first pop solo release, “Hour Glass”, charted #1 on iTunes Cayman Islands, and was followed by a tour to sold out shows at STYLE Los Angeles, Reno Fashion Week and Santa Fe Fashion Week, captivating audiences of thousands. She was also a featured vocalist on Valley King Record’s 2017 release “Anywhere”, performing alongside Cedric Bixler Zavala, Mike Watt, Christian Eric Beaulieu and Krist Novoselic. 


Her most recent release, “Dancing In Starlight”, is an EDM three song EP produced by David Ott and mastered by “Big Bass” Brian Gardner. It is quickly gaining the attention of international DJ’s and festivals! “Dancing In Starlight” has already been placed on the soundtrack to the upcoming film, “VS: The Movie” to be released in 2019, in which NAIMA is also cast. 

Shortly after the release of “Dancing In Starlight”, NAIMA was invited to debut her new EP at Club Paradise in the British Virgin Islands. Following this, she performed the release to a sold out show of 2000+ audience members for STYLE NY held at the Manhattan Center during New York Fashion Week Fall 2018. 


Visually, NAIMA creates a fantasy of fun and reckless abandon! Her live show has the sound and feel of classic Trance/Electro-Pop typical of nightclubs, raves, and the festival circuit. What distinctly sets her apart is her uniquely ethereal yet commanding voice, and a visual feast sprinkled with vivid colors of neon pinks, blues, purples, and bubbles, streamers, sequence and even sexy ribbon dancing! Merging her intrinsic sense of style and high fashion with music and dance, she is unlike anything we’ve yet to see as an EDM vocalist!


NAIMA boasts a combined social media following of 70,000 followers, sustaining the highest retention rates for fans in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Italy. Her celebrity endorsements include Nike Women, Vita CoCo, Bartaile, the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks and MUSE Hair. 






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